Denon, in Ann - 1001 exclusive feature of the technology, super crystal clear to the human hearing range of light radiation over much on the surface of the band is to provide . Back in the squad sealed the colorations, Ann - to resolve the cause of 1001, the design, the most natural, colorless Denon has quality. On the other hand, most of the design of the ear, the unit (180 grams) of the lightweight and comfortable to guarantee the separation of sound sturdy inner ear headband managed a soft pad, and features a comfortable cushion to provide fatigue-free listening.

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For listening to Anne - 1001, OFC 1.5 grade audiophile features oxygen-free copper wire cable that comes with the same length as the L / R cable design, the bag along with a convenient transportation. Use at home, 3.5-meter extension cable, but a full six meters (19.7 feet) to extend the total length of cable is provided. Enter the type of dynamic specifications. The drive unit, 40 mm in diameter. Neodymium magnet. 32 Ohm input impedance. Sensitivity 103 db / mW. Max, 1300 MW research. Frequency response, 8 37000 Hz. Weight: 180 grams Code (none). The length of cable, 1.5 stranded.