Bose headphones with a portable space over the latest effort to break with the overheads and style. Bose headphones to hear a little IEMs have the same expectations (in ear monitor), the rest of the ear canal. Deep in a very strong complaint bass.Our only much better sound quality, as the sliding fully IEMs not what I wanted to really make that noise can be external eardrum, and printing without any kind, and I just plastic sleeve, will be lost. Undoubtedly, they are probably the most bass in the market for this type of headphones is now heavy. We are absolutely in the power and bass, Bose's strength and ear headphones, but you can not get a good seal and stamp IEMs canal.Generally ears did not comply, even when dumfounded to add music to them is very thin in Florida high iron and bass and sound. However, Bose is the problem. , Google is pushed further into the channel, an artificial way to create a seal to be precise, powerful bass, but to test long notes, according to registration in accordance with the crack of thunder storms, not least.

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What they do not quite adequately with the seal of the ear canal, Bose headphones are very comfortable, without a suction effect, you often feel a profound IEMs. We found they were great, even for very long listening sessions. They are small bud comes with a clear rubber hoses, which nestles on the tip and is in close proximity to the entrance to the ear canal. Three different sleeve sizes are available, so that the ear of different forms are being met, and they are very easy to insert and remove. Our only complaint, and admit it's quite a big problem, sleeves were very easy to lose. Within days of testing we could lose two separate sleeves, despite the fact that very careful, and because you get only one out of every size in the box you will find yourself quickly burning through them. Lack of proper sealing also means that external noise is relatively easy to enter and this may disturb some.We not noticed her enormous problems, but they note that despite the title containing the words "listening", these headphones Don should have any real Noise Canceling properties above what you would expect from a pair of regular earbuds.The other funky case of Bose headphones is their design. After the typical style of Bose excellent, sleek design, black headphones authorities with a clear plastic tip looks great and should satisfy those after both pairs of headphones and fashion item.