Motopure H12 Motorola Bluetooth headset stylish spokeswoman for Motorola, said he "knows something about the two are crowded out. "However, in his or Motopure, LA Galaxy / surrounded by a herd of should not be used, he said everyone what he can do and must listen not care Is not. Why the foot of the popular "representation" was talk that it might not.The H12, Motopure using pine kun late Razr2 V9 Motorola and Nokia E62, my test is used in the pair was simple, comfort, quality of the audio input far, I am at the same time, other The headset had tried to worse. But I could hear clearly - even in a crowded bar - whether the problems of the people in my office, a lot of noise in the environment and the main hearing, the sources said. Here's my last name (uh-oh) is a clear call to directory assistance, was hopeless. She is also hearing me, to assume that it was bad for my poor mother, was unusual. Several other calls, one or the recipient's heard a lot of interference.

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