BT8040, AC power adapter and the USB charger will be useful. Two of the phone, the headset can be connected at the same time - I'm late pine R azr2V 9 Swallow Motorola and Nokia to use E 62 to test features. As I listen to music on the Razr2 was on the E62 I was able to get a phone call. E62 I switched to music when the call at the end has stopped and restarted. Since then, a single person I'm like a phone, I very helpful, but did not find this feature Anyone who switches between mobile phones and differently.Callers feel a bit like the sound of muffled Yes, but with poor people and I might be the cause of the ear. We should also clarify the packed train station.The and some of the Jabra BT8040 sounds great convenience to each other, it might sound.

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