Every month, hundreds of new mobile users, as more towers are building; the mobile allows you to have mobile reporting in areas that never had access before. Allowing you to stay connected while traveling in your vehicle, or taking a stroll in the park. They give you quick access to emergency services, which allow you to feel secure. They have become a necessary part of our lives, because the public phones are almost none existent. But if you have to deal with many bells and whistles, which can be difficult to use. Are you among the many cell phone users who seek a simple normal phone? One that is simple to use and with the receiver speaker is loud enough for you to hear?

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The phone has an LED that flashes orange, with easy to read numbers. You can adjust the vibration of the times when you do not want to miss a call, but do not want to sound. There are five settings for ring volume and call twenty decibels higher than regular phones. You can use your phone with any GSM telephone system that includes AT & T and T-Mobile.