The Motorola RAZR impressed in testingwith its ultra-thin design. Only 7.1 millimeters - so thin is noother smartphone on the market. Furthermore, it is nice and light andcomes with a successful mix of materials from scratch-resistantglass, stainless steel and Kevlar on the back. Water resistant to itis still - the properties are already almost an outdoor phones. Thedisplay offers rich colors and excellent black levels. At a size of4.3 inches and a resolution of 960x540 pixels is the representationin the Motorola RAZR test overall very good, goes through the Pentilematrix but lost some sharpness.

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The camera of the Motorola RAZR is theweak point of all mobile phones. It is also striking in videos thatcome along with it still sound thin. This is so when music is notlucky enough space - if necessary with a memory card - the phone alsofeatures Kevlar. In the test, the Motorola RAZR, we could alsoconvince us of moto cast - with this software, you can access datastored on your home computer.

The Motorola RAZR test makes clear: Theflask is not a blender. Although it is not always approaches thespeed of the Samsung S2 Galaxy, but it pleases with mostlystutter-speed operation. Striking is the light jerks, especially inthe browser - here at the Motorola RAZR should improve the system.One of the highlights of the flat's Android is the software -particularly in the testing of the Motorola RAZR, the remote accesssoftware and stream-engine cast Tund could convince the app "SmartActions"