The mobile games industry has todaybeen about for almost a decade, still in this reviewer's view it hasfailed to make more as compared to a elf's handful of decent drivinggames. Cars has its fans, Project Gotham Racingtoo, but most seem tohave been written by individual who never play racing games and maybe were unaware of their existence till yet five minutes earliersitting down to write one. The 3D efforts are often the bad, theprogrammers seemingly being fulfilled with a two frames-per-secondrefresh rate and a draw distance hence slight you require a braillesystem to navigate.

But Opposite Lock is different. Developedby the people behind the criminally above-seemed Jet Set Racing, itis a game that does work inside the limits of the form factor and theprocessing power of a mobile handset.

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Opposite Lock is a basiccircuit racer with ten souped-up street cars to select from, everyrated for speed, handling and acceleration, as well as 10 tracks toacquire via.

A practice way presents you to the action, thoughthe main tournament way puts you via a mini-GP season to unlock extralocations. It is even possible to open-up bonuses by gatheringrabbits though you race... Not one for the PETA brigade, then.

Theten circuits are depended in different countries and offer variousscenic types. In snowy Montreal your car slips above the surface as ahippo on rusty skates, though Phoenix offers up an endlessly windingdust track. German track Nurberg is everything fresh, cleancurves.

The background visuals chunky lumps of scenery androlling mountains will stay '80s arcade veterans of such 2Dclassics like OutRun and Final Lap. There are great small graphicaltouches, also, that afford poignant hints at that innocent era, suchas the blocky dust behind your wheels and the flying stars thataccompany each vehicle contact.