Oil Rush prevents you from choosingunits personally. Rather, they can just be commanded in groupsdesignated to a specific platform. Allow us tell we have six of theJet Ski-riding Piranha units circling an oil rig.

These guys do not feel comfy headingout without a man-made destination, thus in order to acquire them tomove out you would have to click the rig, then click the portion ofthat specific group you would enjoy to send out, and eventually aplatform you would enjoy to send them to.

You can not reroute units laterdispatching them, and they can just be chose again later safelyreaching a platform. When Oil Rush is not demanding this thoughtappears new, but when the action heats up, the changed controls endsup perplexing things.

While Oil Rush offers a healthy amountof unit types that can be placed at a glance -- four sea vehicles andfour air vehicles -- they are not excessively complex or interesting.There is few good risk-versus-reward decision making happening,while.

Few of your heavier hitters, as theamphibious Hammerhead tank, travel much more slowly as compared tothe weaker ones, creating it a battle to decide whether to have themreliably guard resources rear at home, or be last with the scene to alosing battle.

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And also while your more mobilePiranhas do not amount to much more as compared to cannon fodder inbattle and struggle with taking out platform fortifications, they canserve like a distraction to purchase more time for few of your biggerguns.

As soon as a some more units aredropped into the mix, the unfitness to micromanage rapidly mucks upOil Rush's possible. Also juggling three or four different unit typesproves tough when you are forced to function math troubles andmultiple actions only to operate a simple movement command.

And once you have acquired multiplesquads heading to and from several objectives, it is best to drop anytry to hold track of them; though there is a cinematic hotkey thatallows you trail chose units, soaking up the lovely graphics for moreas compared to a few seconds will necessarily end in disaster.

Apart from setting up weaponry withyour platforms, 95 percent of the game can -- and should -- be playedapplying just the tiny minimap, which creates the rest of the displayfeel superfluous. Till afforded how necessity this minimap is, itsupplies a startlingly small amount of information on your units inaction unless you possess the superhuman ability to understand themeaning behind many identical, swirling dots.