Nowadays that we have worked birds,pigs, and penguins for our amusement, bees appear as a sensible nextcandidate. The adorableness of the novel colonnade game Sticky BeesHD hides a tough but fair tough curve and a smattering of strategy.It is not the deepest honey pot, but it does entertain though the funlasts.

The bee king has to resist off moths, flies, and otherinsects that have declared war with him and his crew. He can destroythem only by touch. The rub is that he has to protect his smallerbees, which are supplying the pollen he requires to function. Thegame is above when you run out of pollen.

Viscous Bees HDplays as a reversed, airborne bring with Centipede. You slide yourfinger to travel the bee king and your fellow bees follow behind yourevery move as a highly disciplined conga line.

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Your bees diewhenever they are strike by an enemy, thus you have to plan each movethus that the bees in the line behind you are clear of the enemy ispath. You can have up to a dozen bees following you, creating laterlevels a serious challenge.

The buggy enemies swarm by nature, thusat any time you are acquiring attacked from all slopes. Enemies areinitially limited to straight-trajectory flies, but every levelintroduces a novel creature, as the spiraling light errors or thecurving moths. They each need a different strategy and frequentattack at the same time.

Each level has 50 count make -waves of attacks. You will enjoyably start each level on a lofty goalin mind and end it by triaging and protecting the few bees youhowever have alive. Sticky Bees HD is less a sprint and more amarathon.

Sticky Bees HD needs the 50 wave levels becausethere are just eight levels. Each level has a different theme, fromfarms to cellars, but the charming backgrounds do not plus anythingto the game play.

You can require to acquire via Sticky BeesHD pretty rapidly - also the longer levels. The achievements, still,are tough to acquire, suggesting that developer Four fire needs us tomaster the levels, not only play via them. Also thus, this is one ofthose games that will sorely require down-loadable content inside thenext month.

Less encouraging are the controls, which -ironically plenty - are occasionally sticky. The king bee followsyour finger, but he can lose it around the edges of the display. Thisglitch is not often, but it occurs plenty to be annoying. Contemptthese niggles, Sticky Bees HD is a solid casual game, digging a toughchallenge underneath its cartoony facade.