For reasons stranger, the world ofHeliCab Express is one where individual regularly acquire stuck atoptall buildings, rested among the birds keen waiting forrescue.Presumably they are stranded because of few sort of majorincident with the ground under a Hollywood-fashion catastrophethat HeliCab Express has neither the pixels nor the inclination toillustrate.

This simple setup works considerable: any sense ofgrandeur only would not suit a game you can master in 30 seconds andacquire thoroughly bored on in not many more. Bringing control of a'copter on a mission, it is your job to fly above the cityscapedropping down to the tops of skyscrapers to pick up the civiliansleft high and helpless.

Doing so means either taking to yourphone's numberpad, or applying the number keys to guide thehelicopter: '2' lifts you up, '4' and '6' steer you left and rightrespectively, and allowing go of the buttons altogether sends youfalling albeit slowly rear towards the ground.

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Anycontact on any of the buildings whatsoever wrecks your helicopterimmediately, and on the clock ticking down from the word 'go' HeliCabExpress plays out much as a maze, on the idea being to snake your wayvia the stage as quickly as potential. Contempt such simplicity,still, the game is far from exact.

One constant bugbear is thefact the buildings are considered from an isometric position, but thehelicopter itself is in 2D. This can lead to unnecessary collisionsaplenty. Extremely frequent you will believe you are flying close toa building just to discover yourself buried in the slope of it.

Plusthis to the fact that much time is wasted dropping down from greatheights just to watch if there is an individual to pick up in thefirst place and you have acquired a apparently ambition-less gamethat however handles to fall from a great height at regularintervals.