It is never a specifically good signwhen a game spells ‘achievements’ wrongly with its title display.That missing ‘i’ is the first suggestion that Train Defense isnot going to be the most polished of games - like if that was notalready apparent by the garish Geocities - esque title text.

That is not a trouble in itself –later everything, developers do not always have large budgets to playabout with. But it acquires worse. Train Defense does a terrible jobof explicating itself. Hit 'play' on most games and commonly you aregradually introduced to their thoughts and mechanics. Not thushere.

Later a though of fiddling about and working out how tomake your train move, you will finally be killed by the foesattacking the strange blue thing in the centre of the display that itseems you are supposed to be protecting.

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Then you will remark the legend‘tutorial’ in small letters only over that flashing title. Tapwith it and you will be afforded a lengthy series of textinstructions – scarcely a suitable substitution for a tutorial,specific like it covers too many elements that you will forget halfof them by the time you have returned to the main menu.

Then you begin and step by step acquireaccustomed to the main objectives – that strange blue thing you areprotecting is a water tower, which you have to stop foes fromemptying. It can even be applied to replenish the energy of thecarriages in your locomotive.

You are even tasked on bringingpassengers from the constructing with the left–hand slope of thedisplay to the one on the right. Doing so bumps your score more ascompared to easily destroying foes with your auto-firing turrets.

At times, you will acquire the chanceto pick up novel carriages by reversing the rear one into them,though pick-ups dropped by enemies let you to attach weapons to yourcoaches.These scope from short-scope twincannons via zappers that fire electric presents via foes clusters toa freeze ray that can keep foes in place for a short time.

Optionally, you can join weapons totowers that you position about the water tower to assist protect itthough you are busy elsewhere. Further collectable upgrades boost thedefenses of your carriages or towers, while allowing the former tohold more passengers, which in turn increase the rate at whichpick-ups arrive. Finally, you can toot your horn for a temporaryspeed boost. It might create a bad first impression with its feeblepresentation, but behind the lack luster visuals lies a fresh andsurprisingly nuanced take on the tower defense game.