I am really beginning to feel sorry forzombies. Our curious fixation on the ambulating deceased has broughtforth a apparently never-ending procession of zombie-themed games.This generation is too considerable-versed in the art of dispatchingextradites that when the zombie apocalypse does arrive the poorbuggers would not stand an opportunity.

In the case of Zombies in Space, the undead have determined that hunting theirliving human counterparts is so risky, and thus they are roaming theuniverse feeding with alien flesh. Cast like a squiggly green spacemonster - the form that gamers as myself have been specified to blastwith sight - you have to utilize an arsenal of advanced weaponry tofend off waves of brain-eating nastiest.

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The whole game played out in a single2D corridor. You can move your alien left or right applying yourphone's navigation nub or face keys. Earlier you start, you would bepresented on a choice of five randomly generated missions, rangingfrom kill count and survival challenges to gathering a particularnumber of power orbs.

These orbs charge your alien's severalattacks, with the color of the sphere denoting which attacks itfuels. The green orb, in the meantime, fuels an attack that watchesyour alien avatar plunging his tentacles into the floor, killing nearaggressors from underneath.

The trouble is, once you havegained sufficient currency to give ammo and updates for these weaponsthe game becomes astonishingly easy and very repetitive. Your firstfew goes will watch you lashing out frantically on a puny short-rangemelee attack, surprising how you can possibly be needed to survivesuch a merciless on slaught.

Still, as soon as you uncover theupdate system and charge up your area effect one-hit-kill tentacleattack you might like considerable be invincible.From that pointwith, each mission, regardless of the intended objective, amounts towalking right across an unbroken, single-tiered platform andeffortlessly insta-killing everything in your path.