Not EA Mobile, not Activision, not idSoftware, not Epic Games it has been Gameloft that has prevailedthe shooter genre with iPhone and iPod touch. Modern Combat 2: BlackPegasus further cements the publisher's hold above the genre,promising better graphics, refined controls, and tightly scriptedaction.

It is all you could wish for in a console shooterdistilled for portable play. Although it can rightly be criticizedlike derivative, it is as well progressive for the platform. As wellif Modern Combat 2 looks familiar, the familiarity is desire keepingup with for a sharp-looking game that has the potential to lift thebar for iPhone shooters.

Like on any shooter on iPhone, it allcenters around the controls. Modern Combat 2 is a leap forward fromthe first installment, advisably incorporating and as well improvingupon the interface offered by last year's marquee shooter. A singlevirtual analogue stick located in the lower-left controls movement,although the camera can be manipulated by swiping with your rightthumb anyplace with the display. This is not conceptually anydifferent from the first game, till functionality is greatlyimproved. The camera rotates more smoothly and movement is commonlymore responsive.

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We assume that you will be allowed tocustomize the heads-up display, analogue stick sensitivity, and otheralternatives in line with previous Gameloft shooters. Additionally,you'll have access to gyroscopic control if you own an iPhone 4 ornovel fourth generation iPod touch. Touch controls are likely to workbest. A similar shift seems to have taken place with level plan,which promises more dynamic scenarios and enemies across the game's12 missions.

One level adjust in the jungles of South Americahas you fighting via thick vegetation versus aggressive foes,dropping via crumbling ruins, and as well stretching out a hand tosave a fellow soldier with the precipice of death. Variety has aswell been made a priority. A later level transports you to thesnow-blanketed forests of eastern Europe where you fight camouflagedterrorists that dart among the trees for cover.

It isthroughout this level that you watch improvements to foe behavior inplay. Instead of stupidly standing out in the open waiting for yourbullets, foes really move about and create a modest effort to evadegunfire. There has been a shift in fashion that as well shares to thesense that Modern Combat 2 is better constructed as compared t o itspredecessor like a complete.

Rather than red splotchesclouding your consideration when shot, a subtle blurring of thedisplay elegantly relays when you are bringing with damage. Cinematickills are displayed via a highly stylish slow camera shot and theylook fantastic. It is important not to get taken in too much by thepresentation, because ultimately it is game play that will create orbreak Modern Combat 2.