The first combat game I ever played wasSuper Smash Bros at my local Boston Store about 12 years ago. Buttechnically the first "real" fighting game I played wasSoul Calibur 3 for the PS2 back in 2005. I would not deny that I wasa button masher then, since I only applied Raphael’s triangleattack over and over, but I have since then worked out combos andreal button sequences to use while playing games as Street Fighter.

When I discovered TXT Fighter with theApp Store I would earlier learn that everything of those combos Ihave studied and learned would not assist me success these fights.Now it was everything up to the speed of my fingers.

TXTFighter is a fighting game on a twist. You do not apply the normaljoystick and buttons to fight. Rather the iPhone’s keyboard is yourweapon. The premise is simple: use the power of words to defeat youropponent. Two words appear on the top of the screen before anyattack. The word on the left will always be only 3 or 4 letters, butwhen entered does minimal damage to the foe.

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The word with the right will be 5 or 6letters, but will do more damage. There is even a third word thatseems once you fill a particular blue meter under your health bar.This word will do massive damage to the foe. But be careful, the lessaccurate you are although typing a sure word, the less damage it willdo.

There are no blocking or defensemechanics in TXT Fighter. It is constantly a battle of finger speedto see who wins first. As well with normal the game can be difficult.In fact, I could not really beat any fighter over normal difficulty.There are a total of 7 fighters including a Mexican wrestler, aballerina, and an Irish scrapper among others.

The wrestler and ballerina are the justtwo characters unlocked at the starting of the game. Each fightereven has two particular moves to screw up your opponent in battle.The just downside is that peculiar moves must be figured out, and areslightly hard to arrive by.