If the branding boys and girls are tobe believed, Twenty20 is cricket acquiring sexy. Gone are the stainedwhite kits, breaks for tea and jam tarts, and polite clapping fromthe crowd that we have everything become accustomed to within thestandard game. Twenty20 arrives packed with cheerleaders in shortskirts, raucous crowds, and teams playing fully naked.

Okay,the latter might not be true, but Twenty20 is most surely a try topush cricket out to a new audience, placing it in direct competitionon the model-cum-superstars that live Premiership football. Thesheer number of rules that dominate any form of cricket - naked orotherwise – is what truly separates it from football, still. Nodoubt aware of the potential to harm its own appeal, Jump Games'sbring with the sport is having none of it – this is about as simpleas cricket can potentially acquire.

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While enthusiasts might weep in unisonat the thought, ICC World Twenty20 is a plain old case of toss andthwack, on extreme little time dedicated to the various nuances that,in real life, separate the wheat from the chaff. If Twenty20 cricketactually was this simple, it would not be hard to imagine Englandarriving out on top each and every time the tournament rolled intotown.

However, this will be as close as many of us acquire topostdating in the footsteps of Collingwood and co, and ICC WorldTwenty20 allows you to play out both the tournament itself and oneoff matches in entire. Both offer the similar experience, on yourwhole input – whether bowling or batting – boiled down to thepressing of a select band of number keys at various intervals.

Whenfluttering, you can either apply the default option selecting –where the shots are taken for you, and tapping the '5' key whenprompted is your only input – or you can switch to manual. In thisway, keys '2', '4', '6' and '8' correspond to one or more shot each,on the game determining only which one you execute depended upon bothyour positioning and timing. Matching up your shots on the pitch ofthe ball initially brings few acquiring applied to, but once you haveacquired it pinned, the game like a complete tends to fall intoplace.

Making runs is then a question ofstriking the '5' key as often as you dare. Strike it mid way via arun, still, and your players will desperately dash rear to theiroriginal positions. Bowling is arguably far simpler. Applying thesame number keys, you can initially position a marker, on the '5' keythen determining both the swing and speed of the pitch. The fieldreacts automatically, allowing you watch your rival acquire run orcaught out if he dares to bring you with.

As such, it is fullypossible to breeze via – and indeed, win – a match with the mostminimal of effort. But that does not mean it is not fun to do so.Seeing ICC World Twenty20 in action is not without its charm.Although it is perhaps overly simplistic in parts, it is surely moreprobably to win over newcomers as compared to any dedicated butultimately dull full-on cricket sim.