If I had to pick one way holding aniPhone has enriched my life, I would have to tell that the plethoraof ninja games out there have took me that much closer to becomingone myself. Ninja town: Trees of Doom from Shawnimals and VenanEntertainment is till another title that reinforces the value ofpatience, speed, agility, and stealth although traveling the pathsset forth by our personal sensei.

Fortunately, working on the ninja themehas never been done better as compare to it, is on Ninja town, whichdelivers the highest level of addictive game play, neat visuals, andvariety in each regard. You begin off at the base of two treesrunning parallel up the left and right slopes of the display. Hop theninja onto one of the trees, and the journey is underway. The backstory we are afforded is mostly derived from the App Storedescription, but goes something as this: Your climbing a tree in Mr.Demon’s Dark Forest.

Climbing higher than the rest of theninjas is the best way to impress your elders and Ol’ Master Ninja.Scaling the trees would not be too bad if Mr. Demon did not go allout in attempting to stop you. Along the way there are foes as FlyingDevils, Deadly Swarms, Dark Syrup, and spear-jabbing Tribal Devils,all sent by Mr. Demon and all bent on bringing you down. You can evenarrived to an untimely end due to natural causes as Mt. Feroshi, theever-present volcano in the distant background which creates itselfexperienced when the display shakes and it spews a fireball that sooncrosses your path.

The controls are minimal butresponsive, and including all the control scheme is a joy to apply. Atotal of three maneuvers will move the ninja upwards. You can tap andkeep over the ninja on the tree he is presently clung to, and he willrespond by shimmying higher. But at any time he can jump to theopposite tree to ignore an obstacle. This is accomplished by easilytouching the other tree and watching him fly.

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A few minutes of experience acclimatesthe player to how high the ninja jumps in response to where thedisplay is touched and how long the jump is kept earlier releasing.Previously, you can fling the ninja up by grabbing onto one of theextend branches, manipulating the branch’s flex till the arrowmarking your projected course is where you want it, and thenreleasing. Like you aim to increase your speed and safety althoughscaling the tree, everything these controls will be utilized and youwill detect yourself seamlessly switching gears like climbing becomessecond nature.

A host of super-addictive,just-one-more-attempt games exist in the App Store, many of whichwe’ve reviewed. But the variety in the game play and visuals iswhat makes Ninja town the tallest tree in the forest. To mix mattersup, there a many magical objects drifting about, waiting to begrabbed. You can get a temporary shield, fly straight through the airas a super ninja, vanish and reappear higher, or ride a flyingmustache. The visual backdrop also changes as you progress. At firstMt. Feroshi is hidden by the trees, but as you climb it comes intofull view. Day turns into night, and back again. Things never staythe same on this little ninja’s truly particular journey.