Sam Worthington is a lot the idealalpha male lead for 2010. You can leave the greased up guns of VanDamme and the size-able breasts of Schwarzenegger back in the 20thcentury. The modern muscle man for Hollywood has to be able to grow aday's worth of stubble within minutes and perfect the steely stare ofDaniel Craig as soon as the cameras start rolling.

IfWorthington is anything to go by, you also have to detect a knack ofappearing in as many mediocre films inside quick succession aspossible. But although its lead might be an example of how thingshave moved on, Glu's Clash of the Titans could not be much morefirmly rooted in the past. While it is not a side-scroller it isview rather from the top down this is a hack and slasher of old,on a few nods to the RPG genre thrown in for good measure.

Infact, there is more as compare to a little of Sega's much-malignedAltered Beastabout the goings on here, most notably because of thearray of largely disgusting creatures and animals you are charged ontaking on. You move while each level bringing your sword toabsolutely all you encounter. Killing each foe which is commonlya case of repeatedly hammering the '5' key rewards you on creditwhich you can trade in for upgrades at the end of each stage.

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It is here that the RPG elementsarrived into play, your selections basically determining only howeffective your attacks are or how much damage you bring when you arehit. It is pretty light stuff, on the game thankfully not foragingtoo much down the points path. Rather, Clash of the Titans falls backon platforming staples, the linear levels arriving with hazardsaplenty and bosses that hold to set patterns of attack.

Anybodywho indulged in this form of play during those 16 bit years willconsider much of Clash of the Titans fondly as a result, but theywill even likely acquire tired quickly. There is nothing wrong onreflecting on the past but, much like the film itself, Clash of theTitans may have been served better in the long run by something alittle more original.