If Bublex Mania is anything to go by,then these Puzzle Bobble clones – and, yes, this is most surely oneof those – are running out of appropriate settings for theirball-busting action. With this form, any follow-up to Inlogic's bringwith Taito's most addictive of match-three puzzlers will likely beset in a North Korean bomb factory, easily because the bombs occur tobe circles.

Thankfully, this edition remains considerablyclear of Pyongyang and rather brings us under the sea. Like you mightrequire, bubbles are the targets here. Your role is to fire a seriesof different colored bubbles handed to you by a specifically brutishband of fish at the bottom of the screen up to a collection of themat the top.

Only as Puzzle Bobble, matching them in groups ofthree or more clears them from the board, on any bubbles attachedunderneath as well being wiped from play. Your long term aim, still,alters depending on which mode you play. In Arcade, Bublex Mania iseverything about survival. If the bubbles fall underneath a watermark at the bottom of the display it is Game Over, thus the target isto hold the display as clear as you can for as long as you can.

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Newbubbles are always added to the top of the pile, still, thus yourdemise is inevitable – success is only a question of how manypoints you can notch up in the meantime. Bublex Mania's curiouslynamed Tournament mode, still, alters things a touch and serves up aseries of solvable puzzles. Initially, your task is to clear theboard in pretty simple fashion. Still, like the stages pass, the gameshifts up a few gears and time becomes a major issue.

Add tothis the ceiling dropping a degree with every second that passes andyou have acquired a mode that is arguably more pressured as comparedto Arcade. Of course, everything this has been seen before and, nodoubt, will be watched again. Bublex Mania's merely distinguishingfactor is a few power-up bubbles that are scattered during play. Therainbow ball – which can be matched on any two balls of the samecolor – tends to characterize in all such titles, but there are aswell power-ups that improve your purpose on a handy, and lengthy,sight guide, and as well one that stops the encroaching ceiling –for a short period, at least.

As well so, there is very littlereason to pick Bublex Mania above the scores of other Puzzle Bobblewannabes, as if the controls – '4' and '6' moving your purpose, '5'to fire – are thankfully as responsive and simple as you mightexpect. If you simply can not acquire your hands on sufficient bubblebursting fun, then Bublex Mania – although not the actual thing –is unlikely to disappoint.