When I broke my ankle, stairs became mycurse. When faced on the vertical climbing characteristic of thedamned, I invariably attempted to detect a nearby lift to acquire meto my destination instead, instead of have to deal on throbbing painfor a few hours after wards.

If Lost Planet 2 had a brokenankle, it would not only bring the stairs, but attempt hopping upthem in an attempt to do as more damage to the complex joint, such isthe extent it attempts to revel in its weaknesses.

From the first glance, Lost Planet 2seems as another well-polished slope-scrolling action adventure fromGameloft’s reliable production stable. Considerably detailedenvironments that have small, incidental animations as crawling rats,a good scope of interesting looking creatures, and few pretty smoothanimations assist to reinforce this impression.

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Do not befooled, while - Capcom Mobile is in charge of development, and thedifferences between this and the likes of Splinter Cell: Convictionbecome apparent as soon as you bring control of your character.Although the running animation is alright, the jumping mechanic isawkward and stiff, causing your character to barrel directionless upearlier shuddering back down at an alarmingly quick rate.

Likethere is no safety net like the ability to collect onto a ledge, thisalways leads to missed jumps, particularly throughout the begin ofthe game. If you are lucky, you will fall to your death, returningthe character to the most lately activated checkpoint. If you areunlucky, while, you will detect yourself a few minutes rear in thelevel, forced to repeat the same clunky jumping routine everywhereagain.

This is because the levels are nearly all plannedvertically, playing into possibly the weakest aspect of Lost Planet2. The auto-aimed firing reticule plays its part, often waiting untilthe enemy is basically upon you before bothering to register, but thepractically infinite health makes this matter pretty painless. Thatis at least until you reach the first boss fight between two VSsuits.

Simply surpassing the already horrid boss battles ofPredators, this confrontation is memorable purely because of howfrustrating and unfair it is, on the enemy capable of spewing outhundreds of shots without warning to abruptly kill your character.Although the explosions may look fantastic, and the environmentsvaried and attractive, Lost Planet 2’s game play is missing inaction.