It is a quite sad fact that the olderyou acquire, the less your expectations are bewildered. You start tospot patterns in everything - from people’s behavior to the filmsand music that would once have entranced you. Now and then, though,something springs up that brings you by surprise - a person willapologies for walking in front of you in the supermarket, or you willwatch a film that sends you in entirely the wrong direction.

DragonHunter from Zed is that form of game. Although it falls short in anumber of areas, it succeeds a great deal of brownie points forpulling the rug from under me. My expectations of the game weredependent upon the name, the typical fantasy title display, and anintro that speaks of a “magical warrior defeating all the armies ofDevildom”. This was obviously going to be an RPG-lite hack ‘n’slasher.

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It is not, while. There are elements of characterprogression and sufficient of up close and personal encounters onassorted mythical creatures, but at it is heart Dragon Hunter is anold skool 2D shooter.
Playing a winged heroic type with the mostun-heroic name of Eric, you must fly from left to right, blasting allthat moves. This being a mobile shooter, you fire automatically, butunlike in most mobile shooters you have direct control above a handymelee attack.

When you hammer the ‘Okay’/’5’ button,Eric whips out with his bladed weapon of selection, on successivestrikes building up an increasingly destructive combo. Therequirement for such combos becomes apparent when you recognize thatyour enemies scarcely keel above after a shot or two. Each and eachfiend has sufficient hit points to warrant being called a mid-levelboss in most other shooters, on your vanilla attacks barely creatinga dent.

This is where the RPG elements come in, as you spendyour hard earned spirit points on weapon and ability upgrades inbetween levels.Although this creates Dragon Hunter far moreinteresting as compared to most other shooters, still, it as wellcreates it something of a grind to acquire via. Thanks to thehardiness of the cannon fodder, as well as the chunkiness of yourcharacter in relation to the limited display space, repeated death isalmost inescapable.

The developer has allowed for infiniteproceeds, but that just appears to acknowledge the game’s inherentunfairness. This is the main trouble on Dragon Hunter, over and abovefew dodgy translation work and badly explained upgrade systems.Still, it is packed on only sufficient bright thoughts that it mightonly create the game-of-the year shortlist for a size-able nicheaudience.