Like any good UFO obsessive will tellyou, aliens love messing with animals. Whether they are acquiringabducted for experimentation or vaporized only for fun, it does notpay to be a cow when additional terrestrials are nearby. Farm Attackbrings this premise and broadens it beyond the common cattlemutilations into less discriminatory territory. As far as this titleis concerned, any decent-sized quadruped is fair game. Cows, hippos,and as well elephants are valid targets for marauding extra-planetaryvisitors.

According to the poorly translated blurb, the planetAmrof is dying, and its inhabitants require to source organic matterto save it. Cast as Narkon, a monocular invader of the space variety,you must gather earth animals by applying your ship’s orga-beam totransport them off the planet. Because of few unexplainedteleportation related bureaucracy, this beam merely works when fouror more animals of the same are grouped together. Therefore, thescene is set for until another block-matching puzzler of theBejeweled ilk, which, while by no intends broken, fails todifferentiate itself from the herd.

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The animals line up at the bottom ofthe display in neat rows, edging their way up one row at a time yetthey reach the horizon. You guide a hovering spaceship left or rightabove the heads of the dozy beasts, and apply its tractor beam torearrange them into colored groups. When four or more as-coloredanimals are grouped in any combination of horizontal or verticalalignment, they vanish, causing any animals over them to drop down tolowest unoccupied space. If you fail to acquire rid of the animalsearlier they reach the horizon, it is Game Over.

Controllingthe craft is simple - you require just concern yourself on movingleft, right, and firing your beam. It is fairly obvious what themechanics are from the begin, thus there is no real require totrouble yourself with the garbled tutorial text. Like the difficultystarts to ramp up, the number of creatures onscreen increases alongwith the number of color groups. Things get trickier when you leaveAfrica and head to the South Pole, where you stop hassling elephantsand hippos and begin to prey on brightly colored polar bears.

If you persevere, you will detectyourself stealing cows in America. Whether you will select to pushvia to the end is another matter. Tile-wiping power-ups add a bit ofspice, but otherwise this is the same schtick we have watchedhundreds of times already, on nothing to distinguish it from itspeers other as compared to the daft premise. You can spend the pointsyou earn on skins for your ship, but the novelty is strictlycosmetic. There are no extra modes to speak of, thus the best thingyou can do is focus on engineering the largest creature clusters forthe biggest multipliers. There is few fun to be had, but any thrillsare tempered by the knowledge that all this game attempts has beenexecuted better elsewhere.