Considerably, this game will afford youyour fix and its Counter Strike stylization will create you redolentand smile. Gun Strike is one of those static first person shootergames where you bring a stationary position and shoot nearly all thatmoves. Imagine Contract Killer: Zombies but in a Cartoony 3Denvironment which is much more light heart-ed and would not affordyou nightmares!

The game is set in seven differentscenic zones, everything of which have been swarmed on regionalenemies. For the first few stages, cutesy terrorists on superdeformed heads will jump out, run and roll into the kill zone toattack you. They begin shooting soon later seeming, thus you have tobe rapid to head shot them before they pull the trigger. Youropponents are not only armed on machine guns while they are muchluckier as compared to you and can be armed on sniper rifles,grenades, rocket launchers and machetes!

This is light heart-ed and simplearcade action fun where the quirky deformed enemies only make youlaugh. The ditsy mercenaries all have smooth animations and it is avery enjoyable shooter. I am not sure why, but I detect thesightseers rather amusing.While Gun Strike feels fairly funny, it isreally rather a skill intensive game because you require to acquireapplied to the controls and unload lead into the baddies as rapidlyas possible. There are 70 levels of game play to hold you busy, butI am fairly certain most people will experience in the first stagewhether they like the game or not.

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The decisive point is the D pad control– there are two types, one with variable movement, and one ondirect scaling movement. I surely favor the latter, but I canimagine few people will only outright hate both systems. Once youhave become accustomed to the handling, then you can practice andattempt to overcome this freemium game. Yes, the developers have asure amount of difficulty built into the game to encourage you topurchase the in game currency, it is normal. But the great thinghere is that if you put in the time and dedication, then you do nothave to spend a cent because you can earn all your money in game!

In comparison to CKZ, I’d say GunStrike is much more fun, less morbid, less frightening and lessdemanding on skill. But then again, may be CKZ requires so muchskill! Anyway, the best thing is that the Gun Strike developers donot force you to purchase the in-game currency to proceed playing. Therefore if you like the scare factor, then CKZ is for you if youlike free games and enjoy laughing whilst shooting your foes then GunStrike is your game. Do note still, that both games have the sameoverall game play, thus it can be repetitive. Awesome light heart-edarcade shooter fun in a Counter Strike like setting – thecartoonish simplicity should make you smirk. While there is anelement of repetitiveness to Gun Strike, it is a free game so why notshoot few mercs!