The 'Fresh GS290 LG Cookie is a modern and stylish mobile phone, available in various colors, all very young. It has a large 3-inch touchscreen display with a resolution of 240x400 pixels and can display up to 262 thousand colors. The dimensions are 108 mm in height, 52.9 mm in width and 12.5 mm thick while the weight is 90 grams.

The manufacturer LG has expanded its range of touchscreen phones at low cost model by introducing the LG Cookie Fresh GS290. Belonging to the Cook family, which debuted in early 2009 with the mobile phone LG KP500 Cookie , Fresh GS290 renewing the basic concept of this family, to ensure the experience at all touch, adding innovative features and modern.

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Among the latter, surely, must be included with easy access to social networks, with applications already installed, which will be much appreciated by users younger models who want stylish, attractive and enabling them to remain in touch with your friends , but it all without breaking the bank.

But changing the subject for a moment and analyze what are the specifications of the phone, the 'Fresh GS290 LG Cookie is a Quadband GSM, can use the frequencies 850, 900, 1800 MHz and 1900 to ensure a good coverage Bikes worldwide. As for surfing the Internet, has built-in modem and full Internet browser.

Regarding the transfer of data over the Internet, is provided only for GPRS and EDGE, as no UMTS. If desired, however, synchronize data with other mobile devices, you can use the USB port or Bluetooth wireless technology, provided that the other device is provided.