The LG Optimus T is one T-Mobile's most affordable Android smartphones. The T-Mobile Comet came out a few weeks after the LG Optimus T, and the LG is the better choice in terms of overall quality and it has a better display. The Optimus T runs Android OS 2.2 Froyo (currently the most recent version) but there's no Flash 10.1 here, so you're relegated to the mobile video format for YouTube.

The HVGA 320 x 480 touch screen is decent, the phone is fairly fast thanks to Froyo and less so because of the entry to midrange 600MHz Qualcomm CPU. The camera takes passable shots, but you won't get HD video recording at this price. The usual trio of WiFi, Bluetooth and GPS are on-board and the phone works with Google Maps and Navigation.

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Build quality is solid, and we like the soft finish that resists drops and fingerprints. The phone supports WiFi tethering and WiFi calling too.