Nokia are pinning their future on the new Symbian ^3 operating method. The N8 is the original figure to film this operating method, and it also has a monstrosity 12 megapixel camera and HD video transcription. The N8 could be the phone that determines whether Nokia hold their point as the earth's size one phone shaper. Proceed with us for a peek into the coming.

The N8 is a classic-shaped sound with a touchscreen fill most of its facia. It's near the homophonic superlative and dimension as the iPhone 4, but a lot thicker. Not astonishingly, it manages to fit a jam that's just the assonant filler as the iPhone, at 3.5 inches diagonally. The sound feels really solidified in the power, with an aluminium embody and anodised scratch-proof paint. Interestingly, the shelling is non-removable, as the metal body completely encloses it. The SIM and faculty game fit into mossy slots in the endorse of the sound.

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metropolis and amenable and that the sound responds apace to our feeling, in counterpoint to the sluggishness of old Symbian phones.