This time, the complete series Samsung GT-Champ aka C3303K and LG Cookie Fresh aka GS290. Besides the presence of typical user interface, its own brand, these two phones and the need for a special mobile Internet access and Sosial network function. Lets compare two Korean mobile phone from her display, camera, audio / video, Internet and other functions.

The concept of the 2-cell phone is a bit different. Samsung Champ has small / mini-models, while LG Cookie Fresh is available tall and slim, just imagine, Avril Lavigne and Paris Hilton going to get you the picture. Take a look at the front body structure that provides for both Samsung and LG Cookie Fresh Champ with the touch screen as a mode to access the main menu to convince. Not a conventional keyboard structure in its front body, only a few short cutting pad for call / end call button and back. Too bad that LCD screen of 2 cell phone still in resistive mode, it is not sensitive enough to interact with your finger, may use a pen to accommodate this lack of sensitivity to resistive screen, that's what Samsung Champ by a pin visible in the box when you buy a Samsung mobile phone Champ.

Samsung GT-Champ aka C3303K and LG Cookie Fresh aka LG GS290 segmented for the young people that online social networking service, or love. Both LG and Samsung offer facilities to meet those needs with access to social networking service (SNS), the investment in the "Communities" menu. There are Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace. Samsung Champ upload more complete feature with the presence of photo-video portal, like Flickr, Photobucket, Picasa, and Friendster.

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For Internet access, this phone is relly on both GPRS / EDGE only, without the support of 3G or HSDPA. LG is the better cookie has EDGE class as the Samsung Champ class 12 vs class 10.Therefore, LG Cookie Fresh much better in Internet access as Samsung Champ.