The App Store from Apple can be found right now 380 000 apps in the Android Market 295,000. But the comfortable at first sight lead melts rapidly, because Google's software platform currently growing more than twice as fast as its Apple counterpart. In April alone, 28,000 new Android apps have been released - as opposed to 11,000 apps for iPhone, iPad & Co. If growth remains at that level, then the Android Market in August 2011 to the biggest download platform for smart phones is the world.

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Further detail: Every month in each of the two platforms added more apps than other platforms have a whole. For app developers these rapid growth rates are not synonymous with business potential, warn the researchers. On the contrary, there is a negative correlation between the success and the success of an App Store for apartment developers. For analysis shows the early months of the App Store would be that the average number drops dramatically to downloads after the first months or even weeks. The so-called long tail will be longer, while the top 5 of the App Publisher achieve the big sales.