"The fact that the iPad will come with three 3D, is a surefire fact," says the Hollywood insider who has allegedly good contacts with the major studios. The screen should be "truly magical," she says. Supposedly, the major film companies are now frantically searching for a new 3D material so that they can offer enough content when Apple introduces the new Tablet. To support the thin rumor IT blog also refers to the Apple supplier Foxconn. From which one had also received information that the next iPad comes with 3-D display.

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About the truth of these rumors is debatable but that the cult company from California on a 3D iPad works is very likely. 3D is in the entertainment industry as the key technology in the coming years. Whether cinema, television, portable game consoles or Smartphone everywhere now set the course towards the third dimension.

In what technology Apple uses it, is unknown. LG, and HTC use in their 3D-3D and Smartphones Optimus Evo 3D auto stereoscopic displays with Parallaxenschranken technique that requires no special 3D glasses. Problem is the viewing angle at which you can see the 3D effect is genuine, extremely small. Maybe the iPhone developer that invents new display technology that bypasses the current restrictions. Nokia has with its dual display patent already shown how a solution could look like.