After a creative revival orchestratedwith the emergence of new licenses as surprising Skate, Mirror's Edgeor Dead Space, plus the comeback of EA Sports led by FIFA, ElectronicArts in recent years shows a different face from that attributed tohim before (basically, a killer without a license ambitions fun). Thereturn of John Riccitiello as CEO is certainly no stranger to thesechanges, he who dares to take real risks. The latest example, theacquisition of PopCap Games for an astronomical sum, building a partof the future of society on the success of a deal focused on themarket - albeit promising, but very young - from social-gaming.

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And that's not all, EA has been one ofthe first to admit very large publishers rely heavily on digitaldistribution and download platforms. Again, many were skeptical, butthe latest figures on the subject tend to agree with him. Hence a newrisk-taking with Origin , an online store that is no more, no less,to compete with the inevitable Steam. Of course, there remain somequestions, as regards the sum of (we say huge) invested in thedevelopment of the BioWare MMORPG Star Wars: The Old Republic whichwe can not predict the actual ability to emerge as phenomenon "onWoW." But overall, the strategic choices of EA are consistent.