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    The having used it we must say two things. One - it's quite a device, and two we're mildly disap*pointed that HTC chose to cut some corners. The Sensation is a large phone, but feels smaller than the Galaxy S2 owing to smaller top and bottom bezels. It's heavier and thicker than the S2 though and therefore bulkier, but feels sleeker than the HTC Desire HD. The display is too glossy for our liking, and reflects everything! It's well built and has a thick, snug fit battery cover, but is not a unibody in the truest sense of the term. The chrome mesh earpiece grille is reminiscent of the Desire HD, but shockingly, the front-facing camera is set inside the metal bezel instead of being a flush fit*this looks cheap. There's a slight gap between the metal bezel and the glass of the display - more tackiness, which is shocking for a flagship device. The four capaci*tlve buttons beneath the display are sufficiently spaced and ade*quately backlit.

    The Sense UI 3 is snappy, and apart from a fresh look, also has a number of useful additions such as the "quick settings" menu available when pulling down the notifications bar. The home screens also cycle through *useful for one-handed operation. The higher display resolu*tion (540 x 960 pixels) is very welcome - you can see more on the display at once, browsing and reading fine text is a joy - much more so than on the Galaxy S2, where fine text appears aliased and not as crisp as on the Sen*sation. However, in terms of colour saturation and contrast, the Sensation's display isn't as good as the Incredible S', and is way behind the S2's display.

    The keypad is really nice, and is at par with the Galaxy S2 - which is excellent for SMS junkies. The Sensation's spacebar is uncomfortably close to the back key and this leads to typos. Powered by a Qualcomm MSM8260, the Sensation is as fast as would be expected with a dual core 1.2 GHz cpu. We'd have loved an extra 512 MB of RAM or so, since there's less headroom for multitasking than the Galaxy S2, which has 1 GB of RAM. We should add that the Sensation didn't slow down with even 5 or 6 apps open, Other than the very spo*radic niggle, the Sensation is fast through all its options and menus. We'd rate the S2 as being a little faster, but to be fair, teh Sensation's 3D interface is surely more taxing on the hardware. We noticed that web sites flip and reorient faster than on GalaxyS2.

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    This phone doesn't sufi from the death grip thatispr alent in some HTC phones. Th being said, holding it aroun the top half causes the Wi·Y signal to drop a bar. Thereat seems to be a slight issue with changes in vocal tones attime; especially when the phoneisil areas of mediocre G5M signal coverage. Antenna quality isnv the best, and we'd rate it as 10 to 15 per cent worse than th S2, which wasn't perfect either. On-call, the earpiece is loud,as is the speaker, though it is tinny and distorts some voices. The 8MP clicker is very similar to the one on the Desire HD. It produces good photos in bright light and fqlls flat indoor~ just like other cell phone cam· eras. Video recording is not as good as on the 32 - the camera is slower, with more lag and vis· ible grain. Battery life is approxi*mately 15-20 percent worse than the Galaxy S2, which is rather mediocre we feel.

    The MRP of the Sensation is <32,700, which is expensive com pared to other HTC Android phones, but then you're getting an extra processor, and with it (hope· fully) some future-proofing. It's a good device overall, but HTC has failed to address a couple of existing niggles, whilst intro· ducing a couple of new ones. If the Galaxy S2 had this dis· play resolution and interface, it'd be perfect, and we'd buy in a heart· beat. Conversely, if the Sensation had the 52's display, its lightweight design and sleek profile, it would truly be a sensation, and win our unabashed adoration.
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