The author of The Chronicles of Narnia. And nothing beats loneliness like a good magazine that comes with fresh content every week, fortnight or month. Well, now these magazines are digitised and available at a touch of an icon on your iPad. The application is aptly named Magzter and is actually a virtual magazine store. Once you download it on to your iPad, you can use it to search for a magazine and browse through various categories.

There are different sections like features, new arrivals, and categories. The categories segment has an extensive list like art, education, business, entertainment, etc. Once you select a category, the magazines under it get listed and then you can add it to your shelf, which actually is the segment where all your favorite magazines are kept for rea. reference. A preview of the magazine is also available where you can see a limited numb!. of pages and decide whether you want to go ahead subscribing to it or not. Depending on the magazine, you have various options.

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You can buy a single magazine or take a subscription for a portion of time. That done. you can settle down and read your magazine. flicking pages easily and using pinch-to-zoorn for a closer look, whenever needed. And dis*cover that you are not alone.