The last twelve months have without months of the tablet, with literally mi being sold all over the world. And Acer party, with an Android tablet that is rea and doesn't cost a fortune - the Acer lcol1l3 a 10.1 inch display, this tablet is bigger anJ
than the iPad or the Motorola Xoom. All body has a brushed metal finish, we still I sleeker form factor would have considerab. the tablet's visual appeal. The IO.I-inch LCD tive touchscreen's glossy finish looks gooJ smudged pretty easily. There are no hardware the front panel but you do have a volume roc rotate lock switch and of course the power the sides. As far as ports go, it has a mini HD would have loved a full HDMI considering th proprietary charging port, and what really Cd eyes, a USB and USB on the go port, the fiN seen on an Android tablet. Overall the tablet decent if not spectacular design, although we have liked to see it in different colours.

The Acer leonia ASOO runs on NVIDlJ\s 1.0 GHz 2 dual core processor, with 1 GB RAM to boot. hardly surprising that in terms of response spt tablet performs creditably, although we did fine in response some times. It runs on Android 3.0: (also called Honeycomb), but can be upgradedt The user interface is very similar to that of the' and is on the plain side, when compared to the Sl ones seen on the iPad, the PlayBook and the Gala: Tab.

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The tablet can be used both in portrait as we landscape mode. As for the interface, there ,are fJ\ screen panels that can be customised through the button at the top right portion of the screen. Just n to it is the apps button that gives access to the mern tray. In the menu, the apps are divided into two seg ments, '1\11" and "My Apps." At the bottom left are Back, Home and Recent Access keys, and on the n. is the time and notification bar. It is standard And in other words - fluid, but if you have seen one, yO\. have seen them all.

Acer has, however, attempted to spice things up with a few touches, such as add· ing icons for e-readers, multimedia and games that group similar apps together. The ASOO supports OM Wi- Fi which kind of limits its use to areas where Wl·i hotspots are available. There is a microSD card slot· the top of the tablet, which lets you further extend thl. 16GB internal memory of the device. On the subject of memory, the tablet also supports USB on the go*when we plugged in a USB flash drive into the tablet. it easily detected all the pictures, documents, videos, etc., on it.