If you don't want a lO-inch tablet and instead are looking for a slightly bigger screen than the usual smartphone, then the HTC Flyer could be the tab for you. The tablet has a 7.0 inch, 16 million colours screen which is very good in terms of visibility. The body is made of a com*bination of metal and plastic and despite being a bit on the heavy side, the Flyer looks sleek. At the back, there are two plastic patches at the top and the bottom. While the bottom one looks detachable, we suggest you let it be - it is actually the top one that hosts the camera that can be removed, letting you insert the SIM and microSD card there. The battery of the tab is not removable.

Overall the tablet is pocketable and looks very good in white. Yes, we all know that Android 3.0, i.e., Honeycomb is 'the' operating system for Android tablets but HTC has gone with Gingerbread (Android 2.3), which is, the latest OS version for Android smartphones. While this version has support for a larger number of apps, it will not support any of the apps made for the Honeycomb platform. What's mo has integrated its Sense UI into (, result is that the the Flyer seems like a bigger HTC phone, which can There are four touch buttons for H and Back and the Stylus button. of these keys that is available in the mode too, taking the button count to The stylus button works only when you touch it with the stylus. This is a special scribe pen or stylus that is battery operated and uses me Scribe technology to allow you to scribble or sketch on your Flyer.

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Once you touch the Scribt button, it gives you the option either to sketch or write. If you choose the sketch mode, then it automatically captures a screen shot and you can then add elements on it. In the write mode, it uses the Evernote application. You can choose between various pen types and also the colour and width of the pen's tip. All this is available through the semicircular control panel of the Scribe application near the touch button. The pen itself has two buttons. One is a highlighter and the second is the eraser. The Scribe feature is one of the key differentiators for the Flyer, as cr uses HT that we have devices too. n<:\s on the customizab dcrs. ete.