It is the company SSP France, restoration specialist travel, whichnow offers consumers to its outlets, a whole new way to rechargetheir mobile phones.

The principle of electromagneticinduction transforms the table into a true restoration energyplatform. To use the system PowerKiss, is simple: passengers will beable to request a free key loading upon arrival in a retail outlet,connect it to their phone, move to a table equipped and placed on thephone the table to recharge.

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PowerKiss is currently available atParis-Charles de Gaulle:
Terminal 1
- 4.36 bar, public area
- Caffè Ritazza, 6 satellite, bonded area
- Brioche Doree,Satellite 7, bonded area
- Café-Brasserie Le Grand Comptoir,public area (commissioned in late September)
Terminal 2A
-Brioche Doree, Satellite A, bonded area.