HTC Sense UI now comes in a newer avatar on the Sensation - v3.0, and brings with it a whole lot of cosmetic changes, including rotating home screens in 3D,AIi of recently-used apps is also provided int notification bar, along with access to com settings, Sense might be a tad heavy on resources, but it still remains the best skin for Android, both in terms of usability and i and a superb integration with social networking An feeds. Another addition is HTC Watch o streaming download service. However and it currently only offers a few movie trailers. The 8-meg snapper records full HD vids ada and the quality is acceptable, albeit not mind blowing.

Much to our disappointment though, the of b Sensation seems to suffer from a 'death grip' five issue - it loses Wi-Fi connectivity if you cover sU the top part of the back plate with your hand. Pr It doesn't seem to be a bother if you have strong Wi-Fi signal, but if not. you can see to the signal bar dropping a few notches, All phones face similar issues if you cover the antenna, but the problem seems to bemore exaggerated on the Sensation.

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Despite this niggle, the Sensation still remains a commendable smartie. While the SGS II wins due to its better screen, more RAM and higher storage, the Sensation rules thanks to its good build and usability offered by the new Sense UI. Your call then.