The HTC Sensation XL is yet another iteration of HTC's high-end Sensation handset. This time, however, the processor is single-core only, and the display result has dropped to WVGA, despite being biggher in size than the regular Sensation's screen.

The XL comes with Beats Audio integration, as I imagine many of HTC's handsets in the future will run forward. This pushes it towards music lovers, and suggests that it's a multimedia powerhouse, despite it lacking a micro SD slot for expanding its data.

Still, the Sensation XL is a handsome machine, and hums along nicely with its single core processor and it comes with a decent set of Beats Audio earbud head cell for blasting out your tunes. The 4.7 screen is also bright and colorful, and works well in light sunlight.

You even get a novel back side illuminated 8 megapixel sensor in the camera, which discounts up 720p HD video as good. So it's not all bad, but is it better than the other Sensation models? Read on for my full low down and impressions.You will find a video tour of the HTC Sensation XL after the Table of Contents, below.