Samsung i8150 Galaxy W supportsconnection to all four bands of the GSM platform. It fastens theother hand, 900 and 2100 networks to allow high-speed data traffic.Just taking advantage of a level appropriate connection using asmartphone can be considered adequate. When you are in the presenceof an access point Wi-Fi, you will not need to use the data plan andthe mobile satellite navigation assisted turns your device into astreet navigator, as well as allow you to add tags to photos and addgeographic location to their state on social networks.The Bluetoothversion is 3.0 and for the synchronization of the PC is the USB 2.0high speed. To divert the content to a large screen TV has a TVoutput. The input is full-toucscreen and occurs via a screen diagonalof 3.7 inches. The images on it are made with 800 x 480 pixelsresolution and with the support of 16 million colors. The battery hasa capacity of 1500 mAh. This means up to six hours of talk time and astandby time of 400 hours.

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Samsung i8150 Galaxy W has a designwith black face, while the rear shell is silver or black depending onthe version. How are the keys for the volume rocker, power buttonlock-and, under the screen, the three keys of the Android operatingsystems: home, menu and back. Both the multifunction jack andheadphone jack are located on the top side. The phone measures 116 x60 x 12 mm and weighs 115 grams.

From Android Market you can find lotsof applications, free and paid. Kies Air is preinstalled on thesmartphone's leading e-mail account, but also messages or musicplaylists. This, using the Wi-Fi and browser. The Samsung Hubaggregates the most popular social network contacts.They are, ofcourse, available maps and Google brings up information Layar framingthe views that the smartphone fits with your camera.

The resolution rear camera of Samsungi8150 Galaxy W is equal to five megapixels. This can count on adigital zoom that magnifies images up to four times, on theself-focus and flash that occurs when light conditions are poor. Theshots are made simple with the typical scenarios that have beenassociated with better calibrations. After shooting no shortage ofphoto effects to be added to images. If you resort to optional memorycards, the storage capacity of up to 32 GB of data.