The Captivate Glide is built as abrick, while it possesses none of the related heft. Fans ofdistinctive form factors would not detect much to love in the way ofplan, like this handset is neither RAZR-thin nor oval as the DoublePlay. At 4.9 x 2.5 x 0.5 inches, it is 0.13 inches thinner ascompare to LG's unique slider and 1.5 ounces lighter at 5.2 ounces.In typical Samsung fashion, there is lightweight plastic appliedduring its construction and, of course, that signature texturedbacking which creates for a secure hold.

For everything itschunky dimensions, you would think the Captivate Glide would beawkward or uncomfortable to grip. But Samsung made sure to round outall of the phone's edges, affording way to a well-sculpted,palm-pleasing fit. In fact, it experiences much the way cellphonesapplied to, earlier tall and svelte became all the rage. It is thicksufficient to have a reassuring presence in the hand, on a largesufficient display for simple one-handed navigation.

About rear, the exquisitely grooved,black casing is broken up by Samsung's logo at the bottom, a brushedmetal plate that stretches through the top, housing a secondary mic,8MP camera, LED flash and speaker grill. A 3.5mm headphone jack andcovered micro-USB port sit at the top of the phone, on the volumerocker and power button occupying on the upper left and right slopes,respectively. The phone's main mic is hidden in a notch at its basethat can be peeled rear to expose the SIM and micro SD card slots,both of which are simply accessible without removing the 1,650mAhbattery.

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On the front face, AT&T's handledto hold its logo instead circumspect. That logo sits smack dabunderneath the equally diminutive ear piece, which is flanked by a1.3 MP front-facing camera on the right and ambient light sensorswith the left. And in case you missed it on the posterior, Samsung'sonce again brandished its logo, this time among the four capacitivebuttons and the Captivate Glide's bright 4-inch display. The phone isa gentle homage to Sammy's original Galaxy S line, adopting asprinkling of design elements, although however harking rear to theCaptivate of 2010.

Like you may have guessed, the CaptivateGlide's screen is of the Super AMOLED variety -- not Plus or HD, onlyregular Super AMOLED. The tech is something of a hallmark for thecompany's phones and although the 800 x 480 result applied here wouldnot wow you in the way the Rezound, Galaxy Nexus or Nitro HD might,it does an excellent job for this mid-range tier. Blacks appear richand deep, although colors pop on an expected vibrancy. Viewing anglesare excellent and we did not have much trouble discerning thecontents of the screen while outdoors, while brightness was set to 50percent.

Touchscreen keyboards have come a long,long way and, when coupled with a suitably sized screen, remove themajority of frustration and misspellings that are now viewed par forthe mobile course. If, still, you however cling to the notion thatphysical feedback is superior to capacitive tech, then the CaptivateGlide's for you. Unlike the flimsy hinges applied on T-Mobile's G2 orthe stiff mechanism employed by the Droid 3, this keypad snaps outsmoothly and securely. It is slightly difficult to acquire a handleon the device although you attempt to slide it open and there weremore than a few instances when it almost flew out of our handsafforded its relative lightness and the force of the slider.

AT&Tmay have lately deployed its 4G LTE network here in New York City,but the Captivate Glide isn't among the chosen few handsets to takeadvantage of those 700MHz radio waves. Instead, the operator'safforded Sammy's phone the next best thing -- 21Mbps HSPA+. That is,when it is available. Coverage in the city is discrepant at best andwe detected the majority of our speeds arriving within the confinesof HSPA -- no plus -- and averaging about 2Mbps to 3Mbps down and0.20Mbps to 0.95Mbps up. When we did latch onto an HSPA+ signal, downlink speeds increased forcefully, maxing out at 8.12Mbps down. Thesame, still, could not be said for uploads, like performance justimproved marginally, topping out at 1.17Mbps.