Z rings with the Xperia Sony once again a new design direction: Futuristic elements or an elegant curved shape is looking to the 2013 top model Xperia Z vain. The design is straightforward and unfussy. Instead of gimmicks, the new Xperia Smartphone from Sony with its predecessors previously unknown workmanship in the shadows almost believes the user, an oversized iPhone 4 to hold in their hands.

As in the 2010s Apple model, the housing of glass. The surface is perfectly flat, only power button and volume rocker stand out from the smartphone. Haptics and processing of the Xperia Z is a clear advantage over the competition Huawei Android, HTC, Samsung and more. Especially since the Xperia Z not only looks chic, but also for a high end smartphone is extremely robust. The mineral glass is scratch resistant and like the outdoor Smartphone Xperia go protected against dust and water.

Third and final technical highlight of the Xperia Z is the 13-megapixel camera. Thanks to Sony's Exmor sensor RS they offer all kinds of gimmicks that users already know from the camera's range. Sun HDR photo and video recording with the Xperia Z are possible. A sensing mode for each situation should also automatically select the right camera settings.

Video graphers will appreciate the focus mode with it can be one moving object tracking and focusing. The camera was in a short test useful images the statements made in Munich test image however, is a slight noise observed. The photo taken with the Xperia Z test image can be found here. Rounding out the supporting technology Xperia Z by supporting future technologies LTE and NFC.

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Even a brief submersion of the Xperia Z is safe, because headphones and micro-UBS port are protected with caps against water. An overturned glass of water, or fall into the sink to make the Xperia Z therefore does not matter. For protection against water users have to make compromises. How Sony dispensed to a physical camera button to minimize the number of elements to be sealed housing? To charge the device user must also always remove the flap at the USB port at least if they can get their Xperia Z via a network operator. The commercial version is, however a quick charge station at which charges your phone via special contacts from cable clutter and decrease the flaps.

With the stately image diagonals of five inches the Xperia Z is anything but tiny. However, Sony has succeeded to keep the model in the relatively narrow width, so the Xperia Z sits comfortably in the hand. Users with large hands are the device even can easily operated with one hand. Its shallow depth of 7.9 millimeters makes XXL Smartphone surprisingly even pocket-compatible.

Next to the display Sony will win with the built processor high end users for themselves. The Xperia Z comes with a lot of thoughtful quad core processor Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 used. It is clocked at 1.5 GHz. In short he made for a liquid test operation in SunSpider JavaScript test, but he was limping behind with a time of 1780.2 milliseconds competition.

When laid out on the overall performance of the device AnTuTu benchmark Z leaves the Xperia play however, the muscles and roars with 19,262 points from zero to one. However it should also be noted that when Z Xperia under load in the short test, a significant though not occurred unpleasant heat.

Biggest change is the so-called Stamina mode. He is supposed to guarantee an extra long standby time. This ends the Xperia Z all active apps when the display is turned off, and start it again only after turning on the screen. If desired the user can exclude some apps from this mode.

Whether the mode power users brings something must clarify, however a thorough check. The battery capacity is 2330 mAh only slightly higher than competitors. The extra energy could also be back already eaten up by the Full HD display. The operating system is on the Xperia Z Android 4.1 is used an update to Android 4.2 will be made promptly after the market launch