The ZTE Huge S's unique selling feature is that it is the thinnest of the newest trend of top end mobile mobile phones. Just 6.9mm dense, it is purposely, plainly thin. With a steel body, it does not feel like an insignificant wafer though.

Unibody design, a selection of colors and an easily identifyable camera contacts real estate on the back create the ZTE Huge S one of the best looking mobile phones the company has ever created. The only trip up is the clear deciding upon of the SIM port, which seems like an needless disruption of the otherwise mostly pure colour factors. However, the amount musician and power control buttons are throw in simple gold steel, but these on the other hand appear as accessories rather than disruptions.

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The ZTE Huge S comes with an amazing list of primary specifications. Its processer is a quad core 1.7GHz Qualcomm S4 Pro it has 2GB of RAM and operates a specialized edition of Android operating system Jam Vegetable.

Performance appears to be great although ZTE's customized UI is not an enhancement over vanilla flavor Android operating system. It does not create amazing changes but the unique visible modifications made to the applications selection seem a little needless and main icons are not as pretty as some.