The HTC Windows Phone 8X the Taiwanese manufacturer is back with a bang in the Windows Phone Marketplace. Even in times of HTC Windows Mobile has always been well represented when it came to equipment line up for Microsoft's mobile systems. Recently, therefore to Windows Phone 7 ti but due to the restrictions in Microsoft's Spec War competition had not really oppose something.

This changes with Windows Phone 8th Just on the market HTC brings you directly to another Nokia flagship for the new-generation system on the market. The 8X is a Signature Phone, is a device that is how Microsoft is introducing Windows Phone.

It starts with a minimalist tailored to the tiled design and finishes with pure Windows Phone software experience. The 8X here apparently the purest experience after Nokia Windows Phone equip itself with its own programs and more menu options and design and style rather goes its own way. Best of all HTC's own adjustments that move but on a smaller scale.

In ergonomics or handling the device is set up by the tapered edges and the back of the grippy material quite well, with us the direct competitor, Nokia's Lumia 920, like the well rounded edges a little better. Nevertheless the device fits comfortably in the hand especially falls on the positive as opposed to competitors lower weight, the negative almost equal housing in small display. Overall HTC has done a good job here but above all equipped not only one of its Android devices with Windows Phone the design is very unique and pleasing white.

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Purely hardware you have at 8X be missing a the battery is firmly installed, there is no microSD slot and the screen is a 4.3 inch compared to the relatively small body size. Moreover it is not exactly thin, working through the beveled edges but much thinner than for example the Lumia 920th.

In return there are also points where HTC has gone right into the full ones firstly, the excellent workmanship and also the feel not disappointed. The front camera is designed as a wide angle model and the primary camera provides very good results as we have seen in the test. The device also has a nice weight balance.

Unfortunately you have saved the little display which is nice sharp, but the colors are a bit pale and greyish black levels significantly for a premium device that is a shame, especially since you can not nearly keep up here with the display of the Lumia 920th.

Of course, it the name suggests the unit comes with Windows Phone 8 and thus Microsoft's latest version of the system. In addition it has so far received very timely updates that have appeared on the platform. While HTC can not serve with such a holistic software experience such as Nokia, although it still has some interesting feature additions considered. After Nokia and seems to leave after USP HTC is therefore not established that bad. With its own app that combines among other weather stocks and news plus a photo enhancement app, a flashlight, a unit converter as well as the possibility of putting a changing backgrounds and weather information on the lock screen, the manufacturer offers a lot.

In the area of media, ie free music or videos, you will be disappointed however here there is nothing to show. For this one has some features integrated into the system, which are not normally provided. Under Attentive phone functions as ringing in lifting stop, no time to turn off ring tone and the pocket mode that lets the phone ring in my pocket automatically louder united. Furthermore it has Beats Audio with a unique selling point, of course that other manufacturers can not implement.