Pantech Wireless Inc, the U.S.-based auxiliary of Pantech Group, one of Koreaís major mobile phone makers declared the release of Reveal, a full-characteristic double-keyboard phone, optimized for texting and emailing friends, flirts or family members and browsing the Web. Reveal is the primary in AT&Tís new line of rapid messaging phones to hit stores and is another instance of a stimulating Pantech handset at a striking cost. Obtainable nowadays in a sleek red or blue, Reveal is just right gift for any trendsetting teen or tween.

Reveal is a thin, receptive slider that characteristics an open-faced numeric keypad on the frontage of the phone which glides up to uncover a full keyboard beneath. Exclusively, both sets of keys stay active concurrently, providing consumers fast access to numbers and letters at the same time giving a really quick messaging skill. Perfect for updating statuses with new pictures and videos, texting, IMing or emailing friends, Reveal keeps everyone linked to their digital life at every instant of the day. All of this occurs at the speed of 3G, which creates playing and managing music and videos a breeze.

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