The Motorola Droid Pro pulls me in two directions. The Automaton geek in me loves that it's hastening, runs Humanoid OS Froyo 2.2 and is improved equal a tank. The BlackBerry fan in me says "hullo QWERTY-bar!", aloha Interchange ActiveSync and VPN resource. But put it all unitedly and you person a really workmanlike Verizon humans phone that's a elevate of all trades and belligerent of none. The Droid Pro's keyboard is tiny and untrusty and had me pining for my BlackBerry Adventurous's keyboard. The dinky 3.1" HVGA show suffers from the synoptical pixelated, tho' somehow carnassial, perception as Moto's past substance storey QVGA Android phones similar the Flipout and Language. It's not exactly a BlackB want to get into Humanoid exploit their groove. It's close sufficiency in work compute to get that changeover