The cheapest phone based on Android from a certain company might establish some kind of bar, an interesting proposal, not only as camera model. I myself doubt until the end, it had to do more so we did not manage to take pictures of the interface device, a corporate MOTOBLUR. What is it? By and large, this suspension over a standard interface Android, the main thing it allows a single place to collect all their favorite social networks.

After you purchase the device you need to enter your account information is not Google, and some ID Motorola. Apparently, this will be a section of corporate website, where, after registration you can immediately set the login information used by social networks, then the device will be sufficient to introduce only one ID. Good thing for fans of "social sphere" and the services Google, a pity that there is no opportunity to review MOTOBLUR details. It is not our laziness or even in something that is physically not possible to register.

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Now a little about the device itself. About Motorola DEXT. Despite the fact that a product is one of the cheapest phones with Android on board, the impressions of things are still pretty good. Design a youth, a combination of white and blue flowers, but it is worth only imagine DEXT in black, as the entire duration of playfulness, enthusiasm lost, quite a cool thing. Assembled unit is good, even if we talk about the prototype. Quite heavy, back flip from a metal, there are questions to the company's logo out there whether it is lit, being open, whether it is color creates an impression.