Motorola has been through a lot of hardships and its current condition, while still critical, isn't the worst they've been in. At any rate, it hasn't affected their ability to create out-of-this-world phones. And the reason why we've brought this up, is that the focus of this write-up, the MOTOAURA, set to land on most markets later in 2008 is another off-the-wall offering in Motorola's portfolio. As for the "AURA" prefix - in essense, the word "aura" stands for an invisible emanation produced by and surrounding a person or object and is very rarely used in a negative sense these days, so normally it's used to distinguish something special from the rest of the pack.

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Essentially, they are going back to the origins - Motorola pioneered the "rotate" form-factor, but we haven't seen any in this design from them over the last couple of years. I'm positive many still have warm memories of the Motorola v70 and them Motorola v80 (originally codenamed R880).

Back in the day when they rolled out the first rotate-styled handset, it seemed pretty quaint and was positioned primarily as a top-notch fashion-savvy solution, but at that moment they didn't garner any significant following, as clamshells were all the rage. In 2004 they launched the Motorola v80 in Cracow, but we managed to give our readers a lowdown on it almost two months prior to that day. Nevertheless, very few actually noticed it, the reason being that there weren't all that many pieces of information about this phone out there, so it never generated much hype.