Motorola pays a lot of attention to Android and aspires to be the top dog in this segment. The point is that you need to offer not only flagship solutions like Milestone/Droid or Droid2, but provide mass solutions as well. It is a traditional problem for Motorola and the company has no time for development here given low sales and weak interest from carriers in the segment.

Quench was developed with the help of Foxconn, which is also responsible for Gigabyte Gsmart Z1305, These models are similar, but I liked Motorola more.

The segment of entry level Android smartphones was nonexistent until recently. HTC Wildfire became the first model offered and Motorola Quench is its direct rival. Other competing handsets are Samsung Galaxy 550/580, but Motorola has a better screen with higher resolution, which is the strongest point of Quench.

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In the segment of accessible Android phones low resolution screens are traditionally used, but Quench is not weak in the area. This highly attractive solution can be easily recommended as the first Android phone. Away from Android world this model looks eye-catching as well and can be used as an inexpensive multi-purpose smartphone.