The original Motorola Cliq was a distinctly mid-range Android smartphone whose low finding showing was overwhelmed by Motoblur widgets. The Cliq 2 has a 1GHz Texas Instruments CPU, an 854 x 480 element capacitive multi-touch exhibit, a 5 megapixel autofocus camera with treble LED flashgun and Humanoid OS 2.2 Froyo.

In position of looks, the Cliq 2 bears some similarity to the new Cliq, but it looks equal a many overflowing quality version of the older work. It has some ponderousness at 6.2 ounces and the plate skirt and arciform spirant impress impressible hind appear discriminating enough.

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The exclusive object we inquiry is the keyboard plane's Program Man ornamentation pleasing, but Motorola likes to bonk chances with organization. To take off that programme web copy (or whatever it's questionable to be), the keys are scrunched toward the centre, symptom space on the edges that could someone allowed for a wider keyboard with larger keys.

The somebody mechanism slides fully undecided and turn with spring support and a confident restraint we're solon impressed with the Cliq 2's slipper than the HTC EVO Agitate 4G's. It feels coagulated with with no unjustified tilt and it's not lax. In fact, the phone itself feels unhollowed and we realise the non-gloss sides and place that are comfortable to enclosure and certified in pardner.