Motorola presented this Wednesday,October 19th in Berlin's new Razr. This smartphone contains the namesof famous mobile phones flip of the American group, sold some 130million copies in the early 2000s.

The Razr pushes the limits of thinness,with 7.1 mm thick, a record. But beware, its upper end is more than acentimeter, because of the photo sensor 8 Mpix (1080p) and its LEDflash.
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The Super AMOLED screen of the deviceoffers a 4.3-inch diagonal display and a definition of 540 x 960pixels, equal to that of the iPhone 4S. This screen is covered with aglass-reinforced type Gorilla Glass.

The unit is also equipped with a metalframe and a removable back cover braided Kevlar fiber, which shouldensure him a good strength without adding weight: all weighs only 127g. A hydrophobic (but no real seal) protects it from spills.

The Razr incorporates TexasInstruments OMAP4430 processor double heart 1.2 GHz, with a PowerVRSGX540 chipset, all accompanied by 1GB of RAM and 16 GB of internalstorage. Motorola Announces Web surfing performance superior to thatof the iPhone 4S and Samsung S2 Galaxy, thanks to severaloptimizations home.