The Motorola Defy + is the secondwater-and dust-proof smartphone from the manufacturer after thesuccessful Defy (pronounced Diefei).The display is 3.7 inches with alittle larger than the 4S iPhone from Apple, yet the Defy + with aheight of 107 millimeters smaller as well with 13.4 millimetersthicker than 4 millimeters. The Motorola Defy + in the test makes avery handy idea. Specifies the Motorola Defy + IP67 protection class.The phone is thus sealed against ingress of dust and can withstandeven temporary submersion. So it should ever fall into a puddle bymistake, it would not equal the end for the Motorola smartphone.

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Like its predecessor, the Motorola Defy+ mostly wrapped in sturdy plastic that protects it from dust andmoisture. Also, the side-mounted ports for headphones and micro-USBconnector have thick coverings of rubber and plastic that does not goas quickly broken - all seated. The gaps have but can be somewhatsmaller, it collects dirt quickly. The battery cover is easilybrushed out what the Motorola Defy + in the test gives a good grip.He closed with a clip, which is also made of plastic. This holds thelid in place reliable, but is so stiff that you have to use hisfingernails to open and close.

The volume buttons by touch are good,but sit on our test unit is still loose in the anchorage. The on /off switch seems much more stable as to reach him, however Fummelwork. He rarely looks beyond the housing and is attached to oradjacent to the cover for the headphones and behind a ridge, so thatone does not see him even if you have the cell phone in hand.