The phone drew enough attentionuniversal because it’s not only rugged but also smart ! The DEFY isa rugged smart phone. It is commercialized like a totally smartphoneresult for social savvy customer with the added bonus of being dustproof, scratch-resistant and splash-resistant.

The DEFY is a back breed insmartphones, not only is it a smartphone, but also able of defyingthe daily treat badly that life throws at it and it does sostylishly. When I first heard of the Defy, I awaited to be greetedwith a smartphone equivalent of a Panasonic Toughbook laptop, but the Defy design's like any general smartphone. It is also littlerthan my NokiaN8! It won’t carry any design awards home as followsphysical aesthetics is pertained, but it isn’t something you wouldbe embarrassed to own.

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It arrives in taking up with compactbox. Within you will detect the DEFY, a large 1540mAh battery, microUSB cable, 2GB micro SDHC card, headphones and USB wall charger.
Like sturdy smartphone, the DEFY isamazingly little and light. It appears nothing as most sturdy phonesI have ever laid my eyes on. Motorola engineers for making a sturdysmartphone that as well as appears general but too stylish also.

The capacitive touch screen isfantastically sharp. The DEFY carries a 3.7″ LCD with a result of480×854, and is protected by a Gorilla Glass assuring likescratch-resistive, multi touch is supported. Color rendering iscorrect and not over saturated as you would generally find on an OLEDdisplay, direct contrast could be better.

The DEFY is smaller as compared to theN8, only has the additional benefit of inducing a larger and muchimportantly, removable battery. The DEFY is provided by Android 2.1(Eclair) and Motorola’s have tradition home screen MOTOBLUR. Thehome screen really appears and looks as a general Android homescreen. 512MB of RAM is available so you wouldn’t have anyconsequences multi – tasking.